About iChoice.io

Our Technology

iChoice wheels are based on personal user interaction randomness generation. You can read more about true random number generation, as opposed to pseudo random number generation, at www.random.org/randomness/.

Most online decision maker tools or oracle services rely on pseudo randomness. While this may seem sufficient at first sight, introducing true randomness through personal user interaction provides far superior capabilities to our underlying algorithms.

When rolling a dice or picking a random number, the first thing you want to make sure of is that you get a truly random outcome. However, when you use a prediction tool or an online oracle, you also need to ensure that predictions are based on your personal situation and circumstances.

Thus, it is of utmost importance to maximize the subject's interaction with the tool used for the divination purpose. The tools used can includes pendulums, stones, smoke, dice, shells, flowers, and many more.

iChoice oracle wheels use three personal interaction factors in addition to our random algorithm, in order to provide personal responses to your questions.

Random Decision-making

Random decision-making processes like coin tossing have been used since early times in many situations.

Our Wheel Design

Last but not least a few words about the wheel design. We have used the excellent example from David DeSandro to inspire our wheels. If you are interested in coding you may want to pay him a visit at DeSandro's Css 3D transforms tutorial.

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